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ap Sportfahrwerke


01. Will AP offer technical support also after the purchase of a product?

Yes, you can reach our technical support team during the week from 8.30 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 17.00. The telephone no. is: +49 (0) 8709 907536. In case all lines are busy, please leave a message on our answering machine, we will call you back

02. What do I have to consider at the installation?

Before the installation you need to check if the vehicle is in the field of application (article I of the TÜV certificate). You need to pay special attention to the axle load limit!

03. What kind of dampers do I have to use for ap spring kits or ap suspension kits?

OEM dampers or sport dampers without adjustable spring perchs, which are approved by the damper manufacturer for this vehicle type and which match the measurements (end stop, damper tube, positive travel way) of the stock part. The negative travel way may be shortened by the dimension of the lowering.

For a lowering of more than 40 mm we recommend to use shortened sport dampers to improve the driving characteristics.

04. Do the head lights have to be set up new?

The head lights have to be set up new. The specified set up of the head lights have to be checked.

05. Will I get TÜV for those kits?

All applications which are available in the german speaking area will be delivered with a TÜV certificate, for easy compliance of the adjustment dimension according to the TÜV certificate.

06. Am I able to buy spare parts afterwards?

Yes, you can purchase all single parts out of our current product range. If you don´t have the invoice anymore, we would need all markings of the struts as well as from the springs.

07. How long is the warranty?

AP warranty guarantees customer satisfaction of the delivered goods. The statutory warranted buyers rights will remain unaffected and as follows. If not for individual procucts we offer a longer warranty according to the following: Applies to New goods: Two years from the delivery date of of goods Applies to used goods (sold in our Ebay Store): One year from ownership of used goods

In case of product defect during the warranty period the product could be returned to the original place of purchase along with the original receipt for a determination of claim.

Any sales person can reget a warranty claim.

The warranty is excluded at the following situation:

Goods which have been changed, worked on, or where defects have been fixed without the agreement of the seller. Except when the customer is able to prove that the defect was not caused by that. When the goods have been installed outside of a authorized service center, except when the customer can prove that the defect was not caused by the installation.

08. Which camber and caster adjustments have to be used after mounting?

Basically we use the OEM settings.

09. Will there be a wheel clearance after the lowering?

We as manufacturer check the *clearance* of the tyre equipment always with the original tyres. If you have built in a different wheel-tire-combination, we are not able to inform you about the tyre clearance. If there is not enough tyre clearance, you will have to make sure to get it for example thru beading or fender extension.

10. What is the process for return shipments?

To be able to send a package back to us, you will need a returning number. Without this number we can´t accept the package.
You will receive this number by phone: +49 (0) 8709 907536 or via Email:

Our post address:
AP Sportfahrwerke GmbH
The Barn, Ropers Green Lane
Rochester, Kent

11. What is the delivery content?

The delivery of our products includes a german TUV certificate. With coilover kits we also include the spanner wrench into the delivery content.

12. Which top mounts will be used by installing?

Basically we as producer use the serial top mounts at the moidfication.

13. I lost my TÜV certificate, where can I get a new one?

You can get certificates by phone request: +49 (0) 8709 907536 or by Email to: Therefore we need the exact marking on the springs.

14. Which lowering can I get?

The mentioned lowering is the maximum TÜV tested lowering. We don´t check lower adjustment since this is not reasonable. We set up our coilover kits or the lowering so that you can get the maximum lowering which the axle construction allowes.
Bei unseren Händlern.

15. Where can I get some ap suspension products?

In our AP onlinestore.

From our dealers.

16. Complaint

If you have a complaint with a product from us, please let us know with this form and speed up the processing.